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10 Ways to Pay-It-Forward

Written by Tiffany French

"Paying it forward" is based on the idea that everyone, no matter who they are, can make a difference in the life of someone else.  When you pay it forward, you are positively impacting a person's life through a random act of kindness and love.  Here are ten ways you can pay it forward:

Say a prayer or make a wish for someone you pass on the street

It's guaranteed that at least one person you come in contact with throughout the day is going through some kind of personal crisis.  Offer up a prayer of blessing and peace for people you see on the street, in the grocery store, or sitting next to you at a stoplight.

Offer sincere, kind words to a person who is hurting

When you notice tears or recognize a face of emotional or physical pain, take a moment to help reconcile their pain with words of encouragement and love.

Praise generously

Nothing feels better than getting a compliment for something you've done.  Share that feeling by passing it on.  Compliment a co-worker for a job they did, offer kind words to the security guard in your building, or let the sales associate in a store how much you appreciate their help.

Forgive a driver who commits an act of road rage toward you

Remember the next time you are cut off in traffic that everyone deserves grace, so take a breath or two, say, "I forgive you," and move on, while keeping your hands at "10" and "2".

Put money in a street musician's tip jar

Whether they're playing just for love of music or are in financial need, give them a little lift and drop in whatever your can spare from your wallet.

Make a donation of time to your local school district or favorite non-profit

Schools and non-profits depend on the kindness of donors, but that doesn't have to mean financial help. Check to see if there are any programs that need volunteers and offer your time.

Pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant or drink at a local coffee shop

Tell the waitress or barista that you would like to pay-it-forward by paying for the person in the booth next to you or behind you in line. Maybe your generosity will spur a string of pay-it-forwards for the rest of the day.

Make a meal and take it to a neighbor

Spread the love in your neighborhood or apartment building by making and delivering a meal to a neighbor you never get a chance to talk to or haven't heard from in a while.

Visit a terminally ill patient at a hospice center

Bring a little comfort into the life of a terminally ill patient by spending some time with them and letting them know that you care

Hold open the door for someone

No longer just a chivalrous act for men (though still greatly appreciated), holding the door open is a great way to make someone's day just a little easier.

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