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10 prayers to recession-proof our souls

Written by Donna Schaper

This economic recession challenges our spirits. We don’t know what to do; no one seems to have answers.  This might be a good time to try prayer.

Let us find the sacred deep within the ordinary . . .


In the sweetness of our coffee and the bread on our table. Let us never miss a chance to praise what is good—and let the rest go by. Amen.

When this day gets out of control as so many do, remind me of where I was going when I started and where I intended to be when I finished.


With anxiety about money tipping me into anxiety about everything, reset my map and let me start over again, in the right direction. I know how to be lost. Help me be found. Amen.

Let little things mean a lot today, O God.


Coffee breaks, a blue sky, the parking space close to my destination: let each permit me an ounce of joy and gratitude. Let me imagine a day of less good fortune and improve my point of view on what has come my way. Amen.



Help us to open the doors that we think are closed.


Help us to do more and more with less and less. Economize us, O God—not to be cheap, but to find feast in the small. Amen.

May we start every meal giving thanks for what we have.


May we miss strawberries less in winter.  May we learn to live with less oil and with more thanksgiving. Turn our middle name into sufficiency and keep us as far away from selfish as possible. Amen.

For a little peace, a little purpose and a lot of satisfaction, we pray.


Let us go to the marketplace with joy and hope. Guarantee that we rise with vigor and retire with grace and not just today but in an alpha and omega way. Amen.

Good and Gracious God, we pray for a deepening of our hospitality.


Let us turn from the words of hostility to the words of hospitality. Teach us compassion for all those waiting with us—in the soup line, the unemployment line, the emergency room. We are neither their enemy, nor they ours. Help us to understand that.  Amen.

For time wasted poorly, we confess our sin. For time wasted well, we rejoice.


We are so rarely able to just be; we are so often crazed by a destination. Discipline us, Holy Spirit. Let us trust the coming of your time, your destination, at your speed. Amen.

In a world where clutter has consultants and storage is a growth industry, relieve us of our stuff.


Let us be a people who are free of it, no matter how much we have.  Let our closets be places of memories, not oppressions. May our cellars be foundations of friendships, not worries. Teach us the calm of having things without letting things have us. Amen.

We pray for compassion, for empathy, and for hearts to stay open to those in worse need than we are.


For all those whose lives were ripped away, for all those who have faced rubble with courage. For all who remain afraid. Grant them and us your peace.  Amen.

About the Author

Donna Schaper is the Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church, New York, N.Y.
Her most recent book is Sacred Chow: a Guide to Holy Eating.

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