Rescuers search Oklahoma tornado town ruins as recovery starts
May 22, 2013


Even as searching for missing people continues amidst the rubble left by the devastating tornado, recovery is beginning. "Yesterday I was numb. Today I cried a lot. Now I'm on the victory side of it," said Beth Vrooman, who hid in a shelter in her garage during Monday's storm in Moore, Oklahoma.

God, revealed to us in Christ Jesus, hear our prayers for those affected by this tornado in Oklahoma. Be with those people who are hurt or trapped. Be with those who are mourning the loss of homes, schools, and even loved ones. Be with those people who are trying to resume their lives but don't know where to begin amidst the fear and the chaos. Dear Lord, simply be.

It is incredible to see the images of destruction and the brokenness of this world. But it is equally powerful to see the ways your Spirit continues to break through, even in the midst of such devastation. Living God, I see your Spirit in the people who are searching for survivors, in the generous donations, in the undefeatable spirit of life, and in the incredible love and care that is being shown. God of compassion, be with the people of Oklahoma in this time of extreme sorrow.  God of new life, thank you for being with the people of Oklahoma in this time of unbelievable strength. Hear our prayer. Amen.