Pope Francis' Christmas Message: 'Place Ourselves at the Service of the Poor'
December 18, 2013


"I mean, everybody from the bartender to the cab driver [is] telling me, 'Cardinal Dolan [archbishop of New York], we love this guy. We're not even Catholic, and we might not even be believers, but this guy is getting us thinking about God and eternal things.'"

Since being elected in March, Pope Francis has quickly gained a reputation as the people's pope and was chosen as Time magazine's Person of the Year. Francis celebrated his 77th birthday on Tuesday by plucking three homeless men from the streets of Rome to eat breakfast with them.

Reflecting on the meaning of Christmas, Pope Francis urged the faithful today "not to place ourselves above others, but rather lower ourselves, place ourselves at the service of the poor, make ourselves small and poor with them."

"Whoever has nourished, welcomed, visited, loved one of the least and poorest of women and men, will have done this to the Son of God. On the contrary, whoever has rejected, forgotten, ignored one of the least and poorest of men, will have done this to God.”  Matthew 25:35-46