Fear and loathing grips Turkey as anti-Erdogan protests gather pace
June 7, 2013


The protests in Turkey that began with only a handful of people objecting to Gezi park in Istanbul being razed to build a shopping mall has now spread into a nationwide movement opposed to the ruling practices of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Genuine fear is such a powerful thing. In many ways we shape our lives, shape our very world, trying to protect ourselves from the things we fear. When I hear the story and see the images from Turkey, Lord, I am struck by how much fear there is. The government and police action speaks of a real fear of its own people. The rapid growth of the protests speaks to the people’s fears about the role their government is playing in their lives.

God, come into this situation. Quiet the fear. Create space for compassionate listening and action. Bring new possibilities for cooperation and mutual understanding. Let the underlying issues below this initial spark come out for open and care-full discussion. Bring your peace and love to Turkey, O Lord. Amen.