Ponder: Have you ever seen a presenter who relies on the "cuteness factor" – stories of puppies, babies, or children? I used to (snobbishly) think it was an indication the speaker lacked substance. Now, however, I tend to think the speaker understands what I all-too-often forget: those things that make us go "awwww"? Well, they might just be the most substantive thing there is – God's omnipresent reminder that life is, at its core, sweet, and simple, and good. Where do you see – or need – this reminder today?

Pray: God, in a 24 hour news cycle that makes me want to say "arghhh," help me find and savor all the moments where I say "awww." Remind me again which one is really you. Amen.

Author & Photo Credit: Elissa Johnk

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