Ponder: Sea Stars, often called Starfish, are beyond fascinating marine animals with nearly 2,000 species. They appear in glorious splendors of colors, diverse shapes and sizes and can live in varying environments of water. In all their diversity and individuality, each resembles a star. These resilient aqua stars can regenerate a lost or harmed limb. No matter what this sea creature endures in its life span, it remains true to its form--a brilliant star.

Pray: On the far side of the sea and in the depths of life's rugged waters, You know me completely. In the moments when I feel afraid to be myself, insecure, unloved and different, remind me I am a "star," fearfully and wonderfully made. When I am broken, regenerate and restore my spirit just as you did when you knit me in my mother's womb. Help me to let my light shine as radiant as a celestial star in the night's sky or as brilliant as a sea star in the dark hollow of the ocean. Amen. (Psalm 139)

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