Ponder: Have you ever struggled to find plain-colored, gender-neutral children's clothing? Or shoes, or a lunchbox, or just a bike helmet even—that didn't mark your child as a clichéd "princess" or "superhero"?

Pray: When I see in the natural world the "male of the species" far outshining his female counterpart in spots or plume or scales of splendid array, God, open my eyes and open my mind to the gender-bending diversity in your Creation.

You are the God of every size, shape, and color, and your creatures remind us that "boys" and "girls" may not fit into the boxes we are told they should. I still have much to learn from those "lady" bugs where the beautiful spots are of course only on the males. Amen.

Author: Elizabeth Griswold - Photo Credit: Michelle L. Torigian

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