Ponder: Whose shoes are these? Like baby pigeons, which must exist even though you never see them, no one ever sees the person who flings the sneakers up over the telephone wires. But we've all seen them hanging up there. Whose shoes are these? Does their owner live nearby and have to look at his sneakers every day, out of reach, mocking him?

Pray: When things are not where they're supposed to be, God, some of us get very anxious. Some of us need to straighten and arrange, file and sort, and put things away until there's nothing left to put away. Sneakers hanging on telephone wires really bother us because they are WAY out of place, totally mis-filed, and we have no hope of putting them back where they belong. On behalf of everything and everyone hopelessly misplaced, lost, or stuck in some totally wrong location, we pray that you will restore order, as only you can. Amen.

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