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Refuse to Pay the Worry Tax
July 10, 2014
One of the biggest taxes on life is worrying about the future.

That's in the Bible?!
July 9, 2014
There's only one way to explain the presence of this book in the Bible: Human love is holy in itself.

July 8, 2014
Ever since the rainbow, we have it backwards if we say our repentance leads to God's kindness.

The Eyes of My Eyes are Opened
July 7, 2014
Church teaches us see more than beauty. It teaches us to see ourselves.

July 6, 2014
Have you ever judged your self-worth by your productivity?

A Blessing Worth Stealing
July 5, 2014
Recently, I led a prayer workshop with our congregation's group for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. 

"God Bless America"
July 4, 2014
As we sing the praises of our great nation today, let us listen to hear if our praises are echoed by other nations.

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