Excerpts: 'And Indeed It Is Very Good,' A UCC Pastoral Letter

Excerpts: 'And Indeed It Is Very Good,' A UCC Pastoral Letter

March 31, 2008
Written by Daniel Hazard

"Our theological sense of place and the natural sciences reveal in startling, magnificent ways a profound relationship among living beings, the elements, and all matter of the universe."

"The ecological order of living things demonstrates a beauty that inspires moral courage to respond to God still speaking through the processes of life in a mutually co-existing community."

"We possess a reservoir of resources and creativity to respond with healing practices:  socially, economically, environmentally, culturally, and in our ecumenical and interfaith partnerships."

"The church must respond with its gifts of faith and nurture to work against recklessly negligent, greedy or prejudicial use of the natural resources within our community."

"We must, in this new moment of need, respond in the many ways we are called as individuals, churches and communities, to move forward as good stewards, worshipping God with our efforts."

"For the love of the earth and one another, we may not remain indifferent. We are called to face the challenges, engage deeply and with hopeful attention that promises a time of deepening in all our communities."

"God is still speaking, calling the earth from the rising sun to its setting. Indeed, we make bold to affirm that God is singing to creation, blessing each part to arise as it shines, and blessing the beauty of the earth."

'And Indeed It Is Very Good,' a UCC pastoral letter on faith and the environment, is available for personal use and congregational study. Download a copy and learn more about how your church can 'go green' at ucc.org/earthcare.  

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