Characteristics of vital, outreaching congregations in the 21st century

Characteristics of vital, outreaching congregations in the 21st century

Go Forth into the 21st Century, Go forth into the world, and as you go make disciples!—Matthew 28:19

God, the world and the church

God has a future and mission for the church.
Go forth into the world of the 21st Century.

The Pulse of Congregations that reach out to 21st Century

Outreaching, passionate faith
People/outreach focused and mission driven
Mission starts at the front door
Everyone is a missionary
Spiritual gift discovery and permission given to use
Dynamic worship
Good teaching
Build on strength and learn from disappointment

Signs of Congregations that are focused on themselves

Members has a "poor me" attitude about their congregation
Members are not aware of their congregation's strengths.
Members are not involved in their congregation's neighborhood.
The congregation is served be a few, long-term lay leaders.
The congregation's community is declining
The congregation sets up invisible barriers.
Members see themselves as family.

Go Forth into the World

Signs and stories of God's future breaking forth among us.


In Search of the Unchurched, Alan Klaas, Alban Institute Publication

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