Video/DVD Resources

Video/DVD Resources

Click here for a list of videos available at United Church of Christ Resources.  All videos and dvds are available from United Church Resources at 1-800-325-7061.

Building Bridges to a Multiracial-Multicultural Church
Different cultures, different languages, different experiences—do we see these as a threat or a challenge? Do we define them as boundaries or as opportunities for growth?

Called and Sent
In this challenging conversation, the Rev. Melbalenia Evans helps local churches reach out to their communities. Speaking from her own experiences, Melbalenia shows how inviting others to church can make a difference in their lives and increase church growth.

The Church as Safe Space
The Rev. Maria DeLourdes Porrata relates her experience of open door churches in Puerto Rico and explains how the church can become a "safe space" in unsafe communities.

CUMBRE The Latino and Latina Leadership Summit: Ministry in a New Century
The "United Church of Christ Latino and Latina Leadership Summit"(April 6-10, 1994) was the first of its kind in the history of ourdenomination. At the Summit, the context and call for Latino and Latinaleadership empowerment was explored and outlined. Those gathered celebratedthe unique gifts and graces of the Hispanic community, affirming the racialand cultural diversity for all Latinas and Latinos as an integral part of amultiracial and multicultural society and community of faith.

The Summit yielded insight into leadership formation models forjustice and liberation—for active participation in the transformationof our world and communities. It called for leadership committed toconfronting the abuses of power in all areas of life.

This video captures the essence of the Summit. In it, the wonderfulcall of God to the church is heard in the songs, prayers and witnessof God's people. It is an educational resource for all who are interestedin ministry with and in the Hispanic community.

Music in the Church Can Be Joyful!
From rap to Gospel to traditional European hymns and anthems, the Rev. Paul Sadler and Jeffrey Radford bring music to life as they talk about and perform traditions of praise.


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