Small Churches

Small Churches

Small, Strong Congregations: Creating Strengths and Health for Your Congregation Kennon L. Callahan Jossey Bass Publications 2000.

This book chronicles the emergence of a vast number of congregations that are questioning the bigger-is-better notion in church membership. These congregations are deliberately small, active, and happy in their dedication to creating strong church communities that advance God's mission. Step by step, Callahan shows pastors and other church leaders how they can develop the values and specific qualities helpful to shape and strengthen their own small congregations. This book offers practical suggestions for creating mission and service, compassion and shepherding, community and belonging, self-reliance and self-sufficiency, worship and hope, teams and leaders, space and facilities, and giving and generosity. It is filled with examples that show clearly how myriad small churches have created solid, vigorous congregations.Recommended by Nancy Nelson Elsenheimer, Minister of Evangelism for Local Church Development and Renewal.


The Big Small Church Book by David R. Ray, United Church Press 1994.

David Ray, small-church pastor and small-church expert, sees a special virtue in a church being as big—or as small—as it needs to be. He urges us to consider the greater purposes of the church, beyond growth, and how those purposes might be served even better by smaller congregations than by the megachurches whose claim to greatness is the head count. "Small" in this book has a big definition and a wide range. David Ray has carefully gathered his information and just as carefully leads the reader through all the variations and permutations of what being a small church means, what a small church is—or can be—and how small churches can thrive. This is a book that urges congregations to become meaningful communities unrestricted by preconceived notions of what being successful means.


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