Evangelism and Stewardship

Evangelism and Stewardship

Financial and stewardship

At Ease: Discussing Money and Values in Small Groups John and Sylvia Ronsvalle with U. Milo Kaufmann, An Alban Institute Publication.

One huge issue that is central to almost everyone's life, yet shamefully unaddressed by our churches, is the relationship between our money and possessions and our faith. This little 100 page paper-back book could be the way to open this subject up in the setting where it belongs—our churches. I highly recommend it! Recommended by Nancy Fogal, Minister of Evangelism for Capital Campaign Services.

Congregational Endowment Funds: Empowering the Vision of God's Coming Kingdom Gerald W. Bauer. An Alban Institute Publication.

How-to instructions for congregations starting endowment funds provide guidance in start-up, management, and potential pitfalls to avoid. Discusses promoting the fund, ways of giving, and how funds can be invested. Report format. Downloadable for Alban Institute.

Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Ethics and Money. James Hudnut-Beumler, An Alban Institute Publication.

A constructive theology and ethics of money in the Christian life, this series addition is by James Hudnut-Beumler, dean and associate professor of religion and culture at Columbia Theological Seminary. This book deals with vital questions, such as, "What does the Lord require?," "What is the true meaning of the term commonwealth?," and "How does the church build a stable base for its members to live ethical lives?" It offers a positive approach to forming the basis for new thought and discussion.

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