Celebrate the Opening of the UCC Environmental Justice Center at Pilgrim Firs in Port Orchard, Wash.

Celebrate the Opening of the UCC Environmental Justice Center at Pilgrim Firs in Port Orchard, Wash.

You are invited to celebrate the opening of the UCC Environmental Justice Center at Pilgrim Firs. We have some exciting speakers coming to help us mark the day! Each of them is a recipient of the Brower Youth Award given by the Earth Island Institute each year to outstanding young adults who are making a difference in their home communities for environmental justice.

The Center will sponsor workshops to teach four foundations for environmental justice:

  • Biblical and ethical principles
  • Local, regional and national Environmental Justice issues
  • Practical applications for your local community
  • Training for advocacy at the local, state and  national levels

For more information about the Environmental Justice workshops at Pilgrim Firs that begin in February, 2012, please contact Jim Deming, the U.C.C. Minister for Environmental Justice at demingj@ucc.org.

When: Saturday, September 24, 2011
Time: 4:30 p.m. Reception and Refreshments to follow
Place: Plymouth Church Seattle, UCC
217 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, Washington  98101

This celebration is part of a larger program in partnership with Moving Planet, 350.org, and Earth Ministry. Learn more about other activities you may want to join.

Featured Speakers

Marcus Grignon

Marcus created a program called “Greening the Schools: Honoring Our Traditions” to boost ecological consciousness in his Native American nation. The program — which is part of Marcus’ larger non-profit, Citizens for a Sustainable Future — is boosting environmental education on the Menominee Reservation and gives students a chance to graduate from high school with a certificate in environmental stewardship. Marcus is also working on converting Menominee Tribal buses and vans to fuel cells power and educating eighth graders about renewable energy and social entrepreneurship.

Kari Fulton

Kari worked on two different environmental justice projects that connect and inspire people on both the local and national levels. On the local level, she co-founded the Loving Our City, Loving Ourselves (LOCLOS) campus and community initiative. LOCLOS works to build stronger campus and community solidarity on issues of concern in the Washington, DC area. Kari and LOCLOS coordinated two major neighborhood clean-ups in DC involving local non-profits and artists. On a national level, Kari worked as the Energy Action Coalition Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. She supported and trained hundreds of young people at more than 50 universities and has become a pioneer organizer working to build up the youth climate movement amongst young people of color, in particular, students at historically black colleges and universities. My hope,” she said, “was for people of color and low-income individuals to get information that will help them take advantage of the growing green movement so that they are not left behind economically or environmentally.” Through her work students have created their own organizations and have become climate champions on their campuses and in their communities.

De’Anthony Jones

Through the group Environmental Service Learning Initiative (ESLI), an organization that works in seven public high schools in San Francisco, De’Anthony has worked to connect social justice and global climate change at the forefront of education. De’Anthony engages youth of color in the environmental movement through integrating community learning, environmental service, teacher-student partnerships, collaboration with community-based organizations, and hands-on learning. He is helping to create a new youth culture that takes environmental stewardship as a given.

Sponsored by: 

Plymouth Church, Seattle, UCC | Pacific Northwest Conference, UCC | Justice & Witness Ministries, UCC | Earth Ministry/Washington InterfaithPower and Light

Contact Info

Environmental Justice Program Assistant
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115

Contact Info

Meighan Pritchard
Minister for Environmental Justice
700 Prospect Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115