Toxic Wastes and Race and Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty

The Toxic Wastes and Race and Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty reports are the landmark study and follow-up study that demonstrated a direct correlation between the placement of toxic waste facilities and communitites of poverty and/or color. This first report was the ground breaking study from which the term "environmental racism" was coined. Today, legislation and court cases refer to this term when addressing environenmental issues of race and discrimination. Hard copies of both reports bay be ordered from United Church of Christ Resources. Cost is free plus shipping & handling. Order the complete set through UCCR at 800.537.3396.

The Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty is available in Printable PDF form below:

Complete Report
Contents and Summary
Chapter 1: Environmental Justice in the Twenty First Century
Chapter 2: Environmental Justice Timeline/Milestones 1987-2007
Chapter 3: Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Distribution of Environmental Hazards
Chapter 4: A Current Appraisal of Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States - 2007
Chapter 5: Impact of the Toxic Wastes and Race on the EJ Movement
Chapter 6: Wrong Complexion for Protection
Chapter 7: The "Poster Child" for Environmental Racism in 2007: Dickson, Tennessee
Chapter 8: Conclusions and Recommendations



Ms. Meighan Pritchard
Minister for Environmental Justice
United Church of Christ
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