‘Energy conservation is faithful stewardship'

‘Energy conservation is faithful stewardship'

June 30, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

UCC members demonstrate on the Washington Mall. Barbbara Braden photo.


Religous leaders send open letter to Bush

(NCC)—Quoting Scripture and speaking with a powerful moral voice, 39 of the nation's most senior religious leaders released an open letter on May 21 to President Bush, the Congress and the American people, calling for moral reflection on the country's energy policy.

Signers included the Rev. John H. Thomas and the Rev. Richard L. Hamm, General Ministers and Presidents, respectively of the UCC and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The two denominations have been "partner churches" since 1985.

The letter urged all Americans to "reflect carefully and speak clearly from their deepest moral and religious convictions about the President's recently announced energy plan." Noting that they "are not scientists, energy experts, or policymakers," the leaders wrote that our decisions on energy policy raise "fundamental moral and religious questions."

"We are releasing this letter to encourage discussion of religious and moral values," said Mark X. Jacobs, executive director of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, which circulated the letter in the Jewish community. "This is not a partisan effort. Among the signers are Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. What has brought us together are common values and a common vision for our nation's energy future."

Citing Genesis' call to ‘till and to tend the garden' (Gen 2:15), the letter suggests we have "a moral obligation to choose the safest, cleanest and most sustainable sources of energy to protect and preserve God's creation. Energy conservation is faithful stewardship."

For the full text of the statement, go to www.ncccusa.org/news/01news43a.

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