Faith Practices Prices

Faith Practices Prices

Now through August 31, 2011

Your access starts today. (immediately)

Subscriptions to Faith Practices allow a single church to have access to the resources on the web site for one year from the date of purchase. Subscriptions must be renewed annually. Multiple leaders from a single church may share the church's login and password to have full access to your subscription.

Annual Subscription to Entire Site BEST DEAL!
And this will become a better value each year as new resources are added.

  • $600 now $300 subscription to entire site (ALL Practices) 
Annual Subscription per Practice of Faith
For congregations that will need only one faith practice during a year;
$300 now $150 gives to you all of the age groups and settings of one practice of faith.
Annual Subscription per Age Group or Setting per Practice 

For those who want to try the resources and for smaller churches which need only one or two units of one practice.

  • $100 now $50 gives you one component (age group or setting) per practice
  • $150 now $75 gives you two components (age groups or settings) per practice
  • $200 now $100 gives you three components (age groups or settings) per practice
  • $250 now $125 gives you four components (age groups or settings) per practice

Free with any UCC congregation's subscription:
UCC Denomination Identity and History resources

Renewal Subscription to the entire site is $500 now $250 per year.

Add On and Upgrades Available
For each additional $50 now $25 you may add one more age group or setting on to your subscription, of any available practice.


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