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A Study Resource on Interreligious Relations for the UCCA resource prepared in 2005 to help UCC people think through questions of interreligious relations
Amijo on Immigrant TheologyExcerpts from an essay written by a Hispanic UCC member about the ways in which immigration calls for a new kind of theology
Anti-Racist ResolutionA 2003 General Synod Resolution "Calling the United Church of Christ to be an Anti-Racist Church"
Articles on ConferencesTwo 1994 articles published in Prism exploring the place of Conferences in UCC polity.
Autonomy in a Covenantal PolityA brief essay on autonomy and covenant in UCC polity
Baptism, Eucharist and MinistryThe 1982 text of a World Council of Churches Faith and Order document exploring differences and commonalities around baptism, eucharist and ministry among Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant Christians. See UCC response to BEM.
Barrett Theological Worlds in the UCCBarrett Theological Worlds in the UCC
Basis of Union with InterpretationsThe basic agreement between the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church which led to the formation of the UCC in 1957
BekenntnisparagraphIn 1848 an interconfessional group of German pastors in Missouri, who had founded the Kirchenverein des Westens (Church Society of the West) in 1840, formulated a "confessional paragraph" that summarized their beliefs about scripture and doctrine.
Bruggemann on "Face to Faceness"A paragraph from a presentation Bruggemann made in 1977 at the 100th anniversary of the German Evangelical Synod in North America. It highlights the personal engagement that nurtured Evangelical polity
Called to Wholeness ResolutionThe 2005 resolution affirming the United Church of Christ commitment to be a church that is accessible to all (A2A)
Charge to a ChurchIn many Ordination and Installation services there is opportunity for someone to challenge the congregation as it enters into "covenant" to support a new pastor. This is an illustration of such a "charge to a church"
Chart from Balaam's Unofficial HandbookChart from Balaam's Unofficial Handbook--a one page chart showing the various historical groups in UCC history
Chronology of Union Steps leading to the UCCA chronology of the various steps leading to the formation of the United Church of Christ in 1957 [Gunnemann]
click here for a pdf file of the Essential ElementsA list of topics that ought to be covered in a UCC History, Theology, and Polity course subdivided into five sub-sections: History, Theology, Polity, Ministry and Ethos.
click here for a pdf file of the Table of Contents of all seven volumesLTH Table of Contents
Click here for a single pdf file of the list of documents above7-22-08
Coffin A Brief Outline of the Christian Church Coffin A Brief Outline of the Christian Church written in 1925
Conkin American OriginalsOne chapter from this book on religious groups rooted in American history that deals with "restoration Christianity." The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Christians that later joined with Congregationalists and moved into the UCC are explained in detail
Crabtree on Inclusive LanguageAn excerpt from a 1985 presentation by Davida Crabtree entitled "Rock, Water and Word" (from LTH VII)
Definition of CovenantA resource produced by the Northern California- Nevada UCC Conference to help people distinguish between a covenant and a contract
Delegate responsibilities to wider church meetingsA page from the 1965 records of First Congregational UCC, Washington, DC stressing the fact that delegates are no instructed when they go to wider church meetings. For this reason there cannot be any "proxy" voters.
Dipko on the 12 Principles informing the UCC Book of WorshipIn the preparation of the UCC Book of Worship (1986) the working group and the designated writer, Thomas Dipko, were guided by these 12 principles
Draft response to the Ministry Issues PronouncementA 2007 draft document exploring how the concerns stated in the 2005 Pronouncement can be addressed
Ecumenical Partnership with Christian Church (DoC) The 1989 document spelling out the meaning of "ecumenical partnership" with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Ecumenical Stance of the UCC A 1973 statement stating the importance of ecumenical work for the United Church of Christ
Essex Black TheologyReflections by a contemporary African American UCC writer about Black Theology
Fackre on Christology in UCC TextsA 2006 essay "Jesus Christ in the Texts of the United Church of Christ" in Who Do You Say I Am? edited by Scott R. Paeth
Formula of Agreement The text of a 1997 agreement between the United Church of Christ (UCC), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA and the Reformed Church in America (RCA)about sacraments and ministry issues
Gallagher on ControversyA 1963 essay by Buell Gallagher on the importance of healthy controversy in the life of the church (LTH VII, reprint from Social Action)
Good and Harbaugh on the Heidelberg CatechismAn 1849 interpretation of the Heidelberg Catechism by Jeremiah Good and Henry Harbaugh
Gunneman on BaptismA 1985 article by Louis Gunnemann entitled "Baptism: Sacrament of Christian Vocation" that was published in the Wisconsin Conference journal On the Way
Gunnemann Chap 5 Why the UCC?This chapter is a good summary of the various movements and developments that led to the formation of the UCC
Gunnemann Chap 6 Congregational-Christian historyA historical overview of Congregational history and the development of the Christian Movement that came together to form the Congregational Christian Churches
Gunnemann Chap 7 Reformed and Evangelical historyAn overview of the history of the German Reformed Church in the United States and the development of the German Evangelical Synod of North America
Gunnemann on EucharistA 1985 artile by Louis Gunnemann entitled "Eucharist: Sacrament of Discipleship" that was published in the Wisconsin Conference journal On the Way
Hidden Histories of the United Church of Christ volume two
Hidden Histories of the United Church of Christ volume twoChapters telling the stories of people and movements often ignored in traditional UCC history: Union Churches (Lutheran-Reformed), German Evangelical Protestants, Christians in New England, Biblical Criticism and the Evangelical Synod, Women's Mission Structures, Religious Journalism and the Christians, Otterbein and the United Brethren, Winebrenner and the Churches of God, The Congregational Training School for Women and Chinese Congregationalists.
Hirano Asian American TheologyAnalysis of Asian American perspectives on theology
Historical and Theological Perspectives MOM 1977 revHistorical and Theological Perspectives MOM 1977 revised
Historical and Theological Perspectives on MinistryAn essay from the 1977 Manual on Ministry exploring historiccal and theological perspectives on ministry in the UCC
Hulteen on Covenantal Relationships A 1997 excerpt from an essay entitled "United Church of Christ Covenantal Polity" by William A. Hulteen (LTH VII)
Human SexualityExcerpts from the 1977 report Human Sexuality: A Preliminary Study (from LTH VII)
Introduction to the UCC Book of WorshipThis 1986 introduction to the UCC Book of Worship puts worship in historic context and explains many of the common worship practices among Christians
Jackson Indian PerspectiveA 2000 article by Norman Jackson entitled "An Indian Perspective on the United Church of Christ" published in New Conversations
Jonathan New on "Ministry Issues"An article that appeared in Prism 2008 discussing the impact of the new ministry issues changes in the UCC Constitution
Just Peace Church PronouncementA 1985 General Synod Pronouncement spelling out the commitments of the UCC as a Just Peace Church
Key Dates in United Church of Christ HistoryAn attempt to put key dates in UCC history on one page (bbz)
Living Theological Heritage volume 7 Intros to Parts 4 and 5Living Theological Heritage volume 7 Intros to Parts 4 and 5 Sections on Theology and Social Justice
Long on Patterns of Polity Excerpts from a 2001 book by Edward L. Long entitled Patterns of Polity explaining the way UCC polity is a hybrid of several traditional ecclesiastical organizational patterns.
Manual on the ChurchA 2005 manual exploring understandings of church based on the concept of "covenant"
Marriage Equality ResolutionThe 2005 Marriage Equality Resolution passed by the UCC General Synod
Message to the Churches from the Uniting SynodIn 1957 as the Uniting General Synod came to an end in Cleveland, Ohio the Synod passed a message to the churches
Ministry Issues PronouncementA 2005 General Synod Pronouncement calling for the reexamination of issues surrounding the education and authorization of ministers in the United Church of Christ
National Ministries of the United Church of ChristA chart based on the 2000 UCC Constitution showing the way the national setting of the UCC is organized
Nevin The Reformed Pastor Lecture INevin The Reformed Pastor Lecture I A high view of clergy grounded in Mercersburg theology
New York Times AdThe New York Times ad which ran in April 2008
Open and Affirming ResolutionIn 1985 the General Synod Resolution upholding the UCC as an Open and Affirming Church (ONA)
Ordained Minister's CodeA two page statement to guide clergy in professional responsibilities (from the Manual on Ministry)
Order for the Installation of a PastorA service for the Installation of a Pastor from the 1986 UCC Book of Worship
Order for the Ordination to MinistryThe Service for the Ordination to Ministry from the 1986 UCC Book of Worship
Origins of the UCCChart of the history of the UCC showing streams from the Protestant Reformation
Pastoral Letter on Faith and ScienceA 2008 pastoral letter entitled "A New Voice Rising: A Pastoral Letter Engaging Science and Technology" by John Thomas and the UCC Science and Technology Network
Pastoral Letter on the EnvironmentA 2008 letter from John Thomas and the Environmental and Energy Task Force
Preamble to the Constitution of the UCCThe Constitution of the UCC was presented to the General Synod of the UCC in 1959 and approved at a special "adjourned session" of that Synod in 1960. The Preamble, especially the second paragraph is an important expression of UCC faith and practice
R. Niebuhr Religosity and the Christian FaithA brief two page 1955 article by Reinhold Niebuhr published in Christianity and Crisis on the impact of religion in the world
Relationship Between the UCC and the Jewish Community A 1987 General Synod resolution on UCC understandings of Judaism and the relationship of Christians and Jews.
Restructure EvaluationA 2004 report of the Restructure Evaluation Oversight Committee to the Executive Council
Ringe on Feminist TheologyA brief essay, published in 1990, by Sharon Ringe, a UCC professor of New Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary outlining the major concerns of "feminist theology."
Schmeichen on the UCC ConstitutionA 2000 Prism article by Peter Shmeichen entitled "The New Constitution: Achievement and Promise"
Shinn Historical Reflections on the UCC Statement of FaithA 1997 lecture at the UCC Historical Council Luncheon by Roger Shinn, who played a major role in the writing of the UCC Statement of Faith
Spike on Two AnxietiesAn excerpt from a 1963 article by Robert Spike that appeared in the Christian Century describing the concerns of local churches preparing to vote to join the United Church of Christ.
Statement on PronouncementsIn 1959 the General Synod debated how actions of the Synod should be understood. This Statement (reaffirmed in 1969) states that actions of one part of the UCC are morally binding, even when they are not legally binding (from LTH VII)
Steckel on Authorizing MinistryA 1999 lecture given by Clyde Steckel at Andover Newton Theological School on the ways the United Church of Christ has changed (and is continuing to change) the ways it authorizes ministry
Steckel on the Preamble to the UCC ConstitutionA 2007 brief reflection on the theological meaning of the Preamble to the UCC Constitution that was part of the UCC@50 anniversary booklet
Steckel UCC Ecclesiology at FiftySteckel UCC Ecclesiology at Fifty -- this presentation was later published in Prism
Synopsis of General Synod Actions 1957-1999An outline of major actions taken by each General Synod from 1957-1999
The Church of Jesus ChristA three page excerpt from a Prism article entitled "Maturing in Christ: A Theological Perspective for Conference Ministry by John W. Lynes. In a very short space it defines the UCC using key quotations from the Constitution and Bylaws of the UCC [Prism vol.21 #1 Spring 2007]
The Dubuque DeclarationThe 1983 statement of faith created by the United Church People for Biblical Witness (UCPBW). It remains the basic theological position of the Biblical Witness Fellowship (BWF).
The Relationship between the UCC and the Muslim Community 1989.pdfA 1989 General Synod resolution on UCC understandings of the relationship between Christians and Muslims
Theology of the Christian MovementThis essay by Nathan Hatch explains how the theology of the Christian movement emerged in the culture of political freedom following the founding of the United States of America [Stone Campbell Movement by Casey and Foster]
Thomas on Contemporary Commitment and Catholic SubstanceA 1997 statement by John Thomas explaining how UCC social justice commitments flow from universal Christian convictions
Toward an Understanding of Local AutonomyA 1969 statement explaining the patterns of freedom and accountability in the concept of "local autonomy"
UCC EcclesiologyA 1991 paper on UCC ecclesiology prepared as background for restructuring the national setting of the United Church of Christ leading to the new 2000 Constitution and Bylaws.
UCC Response to BEM 1985.pdfIn 1985 the United Church of Christ prepared a formal response to Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry. It was most concerned about issues related to Ministry.
UCC Response to the Consensus Document of COCUIn the 1960s the Consultation on Church Union (COCU) was an effort to overcome denominational fragmentation and find new forms of church unity. This is the 1989 UCC response to a "consensus" document produced by COCU in the 1980s (from LTH VII)
UCC Statement of Faith 3 versionsThis shows the three versions of the UCC Statement of Faith (1959, 1977, 1981) side-by-side, enabling comparisons
Walker EpiscopeA presentation on how oversight operates in the United Church of Christ through Committees on Ministry, Associations and Conferences
Walker on Covenant CommunityA chapter on "covenant" from Randi Walker's book The Evolution of a UCC Style (2005)
Women in the UCCA 2007 pamphlet by Barbara Brown Zikmund entitled "Celebrating the Memories: Selected Stories about UCC Women 1957-2007"
Yordon on Ministry
Zikmund Empowerment and EmbodimentAn analysis of the ways two very different understandings of ministry come together in the United Church of Christ