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UCC opening new Harvey worksite in Port Arthur TX; survivor testifies

UCC Disaster Ministries is partnering with the Southeast Texas Community Development Corporation, or SET CDC, in Port Arthur, Texas, to repair low-income rental apartments damaged in Hurricane Harvey.  A volunteer work site will open there in February.  Work may include but will not be limited to light carpentry, drywall, insulation, flooring, trim and painting. Read the story for details and one survivor's story!

Commentary: Justice, disaster work intersect

Few of us would consider disasters to be linked to justice work because disasters don’t discriminate… or do they? It is true that many natural disasters impact rich and poor, black and white ... but the reality is that impoverished and low-income communities are more susceptible to disasters than others. Because of systemic injustices, they are more vulnerable, explains UCC Disaster Ministries Executive Zach Wolgemuth in this commentary.  

UCC church, pastor minister at wildfires, mudslides "ground zero"

As rescuers in California urgently search for more missing people in the deadly mudslides that devastated the Montecito community, a United Church of Christ minister is pastoring to the stricken and the injured. The Rev. Kris Bergstrom, pastor of Church of the Foothills in Ventura, Calif., also serves as a part-time chaplain at the local hospital in Montecito. She also is the former Montecito village school principal, so has close ties with many families.

Sturdy new homes, schools for Haitians who "got soaked" by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew in 2016 killed nearly 900 people in Haiti and left widespread damage. UCC Disaster Ministries is supporting an ambitious ecumenical program to rebuild homes and schools, and with them the lives of students, families and communities. As one Haitian partner put it, the UCC’s "sweat is here."

Living into what it means to be the church in CA wildfire's wake

Church of the Foothills UCC in Ventura, Calif., is living into what it means to "be the church" in the midst of communities being ravaged by massive wildfires and whose own members have suffered great loss. "We are located right at the entrance to the two neighborhoods that were most profoundly impacted," Pastor Kris Bergstrom said. "We're going to live into a new understanding, ways to be the church."

$12,000 on Giving Tuesday means 600 more water filters for Puerto Rico, USVI

A home for elderly persons, each floor of a multi-story apartment building, hospital emergency and operating rooms - these are among recipients of 1,500 UCC Disaster Ministries water filters in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Generous contributions of more than $12,000 (and counting) on #GivingTuesday means UCC Disaster Ministries will be able to buy 600 more filters for the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Disaster work team experience marvelous, heartbreaking, Mattens say

Volunteering for a disaster work team is a marvelous experience, but it can also break your heart a little.  So affirmed UCC Penn Central Conference Disaster Coordinators Bill and Ellen Matten after volunteering for a week at the UCC’s hurricane recovery site in Volusia County, Fla. Read about their experience. Will you be next to volunteer?

Now it's southern California besieged by wildfires

A UCC congregation and its community are under siege in Ventura, Calif., surrounded by raging wildfires that authorities say could get worse before they get better. As of Wednesday evening the buildings which house the Church of the Foothills were still standing, but the pastor, the Rev. Kris Bergstrom, said that many of her church families and their neighbors have lost everything.

This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of water (filters) for Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

Hurricanes Irma and Maria wiped out water treatment systems in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, leaving people without clean drinking water. According to the Department of Defense, 55% of Puerto Rico was left without clean drinking water. Your help is needed this GivingTuesday. A $20 filter ensures 1 million gallons of fresh water!

UCC response to North Bay fires - a story from the N. California-Nevada Conference

Rev. Dr. Melinda V. McLain, Disaster Ministry Coordinator, Northern California-Nevada Conference UCC, writes, "Virtually no one in Northern California will soon forget the terrible devastation of the early October firestorms that swept through Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake, Yuba and Solano counties. Our NCNC-UCC churches and organizations quickly sprang into action ...."