UCC partner, Amity Foundation report from Chengdu

UCC partner, Amity Foundation report from Chengdu

News from the front line in Chengdu from Yue Yaomeng, our Amity colleague on the ground:

Supplies worth of RMB 600,000 Yuan have been purchased including:

6000 boxes of drinking water, 24 bottles each, total 144,000 bottles;

2400 boxes of instant noodles, 12 packs each, total 28,800 packs;

Plastic sheets for making of 1700 tents, each of 50 square meters;

Yue Yaomeng says it was very difficult to purchase enough supplies. They went to many many many suppliers and collect all their inventories left. This was especially true for the drinking water and tents. Through coordinating with the Bureau of Commerce, they finally got enough.

Two teams set off earlier this afternoon each consisting of 3-4 staff, not including the driver. There will be 3 trucks with each team. Destinations are Du Jiangyan and Baichuan in Mianyang Prefecture.

In one of the messages Yaomeng sent back, he says that he sees the need for more social workers, especially those specialized in physically counseling to get in. The news is now put on Amity website calling for help for voluntary consoling staff to get into Sichuan at the time proper.

Domestically, as our staff traveled to the site very quickly, all major media has made coverage on Amity's relief work and appealed for donation to Amity. Up to 4:30pm, donation surpassed RMB 120,000 Yuan. People give donations on internet, others making visits to our office. A temporary fundraising desk has been set up since 13th of May for the passersby.

Pray for Yue Yaomeng, as he travels with our local partners to Baichuan, one of the most severely damaged areas where after shocks are happening. Pray for those who are traveling to Dujiangyan and wish them all the success in distributing the supplies. Pray for peace for the dead and calm and salvation for those wounded.


She Hongyu

Assistant Director

Research & Development Centre

The Amity Foundation

The Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese voluntary organization, was created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social services, health, and rural development from China's coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west.