The Spring Storm Season Starts Late but Strong

The Spring Storm Season Starts Late but Strong


Starting Saturday April 26, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes have been hitting numerous states in the U.S. Midwest and South and are heading to the East.  By Monday night, April 28, at least 17 states had been affected and more are being added to the list daily.

Because search and rescue operations are ongoing in many states, the available information is very preliminary. More details will be known as federal and state damage assessments are completed.  In addition, more tornadoes, severe storms and flooding are expected on April 29 and 30 as the massive weather system continues its easterly movement.

North Carolina is among the states hardest hit.  One death has been reported, with at least 15 people reported injured in the state.  More than 200 homes have been destroyed.

In Arkansas, 15 people are confirmed dead and there have been numerous injuries.  More than 100 homes and a middle school were destroyed.

In Mississippi, 9 deaths are reported.  In Tupelo, numerous buildings were destroyed, including the First Christian Church.

One death each is reported from tornados in Oklahoma and Iowa.

In Kansas, the town of Baxter Springs in Cherokee County was particularly hard hit, with at least 34 persons injured and 91 homes destroyed or damaged.

In Tennessee, there are two fatalities and an as yet unreported number of injuries.  Other states have been impacted by tornadoes, flooding and high winds.

In the southeast corner of Missouri flooding has occurred in New Madrid, Campbell and Dunklin counties. A total of 49 homes are reported to have major damage.

Disaster response specialists are gathering assessment information as it becomes available and making contact with members and partners in affected areas. Early needs will include the provision of CWS material resources. These include CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets, Hygiene Kits, Baby Care Kits and School Kits, along with CWS Blankets. Get information on how to assemble kits as they will surely be in demand.

Continued prayers are needed for survivors, families' losing loved ones in the storm, first responders and humanitarian workers, and all those impacted by these series of storms.

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