News at the Front Line

News at the Front Line

It's the 8 day after the earthquake. The total death toll as of May 19 is 40,075, with 247,645 persons injured.

Today, She Hongyu, Assistant Director, Research and Development Center of the Amity Foundation reported that Amity staff on the ground visited 3 villages in Mianzhu County for need assessment and discussion with the villagers. They found out that the local villagers had  difficulties in having enough food and having enough plastic sheets for tents. Many families share one small tent. Oil and equipment/supplies for lighting is also very insufficient.

At noon time, Amity relief workers went to the temporary shelter at Mianzhu Sport Centre where 5,600 victims are housed. Visits are also made to the General Coordinating Office for Earthquake Relief at Mianzhu City. Amity staff discussed the potential projects local government officials and secured their support.

Later in the afternoon, Amity staff visited Renhe Village, Yinghua Township, Shifang City and found out that food is of urgent need in there. It was only until 3 days ago that only the elderly and children can have a bowl of rice each day. Only this afternoon, each victim was distributed 2 kilos of rice.

In light of the situation, Amity Relief Office has decided to dedicate more relief work in the villages of Mianzhu and Shifang. Quilts, plastic sheets, oil will be distributed here. Amity also plans to provide food of one month supply for everyone in the village.

News at the Headquarters

Recruitment of volunteers specialized on consoling is being done at the moment. We are in contact with two major universities in Nanjing for specialized volunteer and in the meantime, getting ready for all necessary supplies for the stay in Sichuan.

Pictures on distributing supplies available at, Please go to the bottom of the page.

The Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese voluntary organization, was created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social services, health, and rural development from China's coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west.