God of justice and mercy, in the beginning your spirit moved over the surface of the waters as a wind, giving birth to creation.  In Hurricane Sandy the wind and waves were bearers, not of creation, but of chaos.  In our grief and in our expectation, we now seek signs of new works that you are doing in our midst.  

We are filled with compassion for survivors who have lost their homes, businesses, neighborhoods and loved ones.  For many, the driving rain has been replaced by falling tears.  It is by your grace that, even in sorrow, our breath carries words of thanksgiving.  

We are grateful for your love made real:
•    in first responders who battled the elements to provide life-giving assistance,
•    in shelter providers who offer hospitality to the dislocated,
•    in medical teams who bind up the wounds of the injured,
•    in chaplains and clergy who provide spiritual and emotional care.  

Breathe your spirit upon them that their strength might be renewed.  Enable us to look not only to others to help in time of need, but also to ourselves so that we might share the gifts that you have entrusted us with.  Like the rainbow, may our lives be signs of promise and hope. 

We offer you our praise in the knowledge that your steadfast love is always with us.  Once the wind parted the waters of the Red Sea and the children of Israel moved from bondage to liberation.  Now may your children who have endured the wind and water of a colossal storm move from chaos to new creation.  We ask these things in the name of Jesus who is the Christ, Amen. 

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