Haiti FAQ

Haiti FAQ

1. What is the UnitedChurch of Christ doing in Haiti?

One Great Hour of Sharing and Haiti Earthquake Relief funds are being used to help with basic humanitarian relief in providing temporary shelter, food and health assistance. Funds are also being used to provide water and sanitation engineers, and equipment to construct water purification systems. Resources for building latrines are also being provided, as the sanitation situation is critical. The UCC will be supporting communities in the long struggle to rebuild from this disaster — the worst earthquake to strike Haiti in 200 years.


Since the earthquake, the UCC has reached out to its partners in Haiti to coordinate a swift response. Funds have been dispersed to several partners including Church World Service, ACT Alliance, IMA World Health and Global Ministries (CONASPEH and House of Hope).



2.   How do I make a donation to help the people in Haiti?

To assist those suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake, make an online contribution to United Church of Christ – Haiti Earthquake Relief fund.   Please mail checks to UCC; 700 Prospect Ave. ; Cleveland, OH44115.  Write “Haiti” in the memo line of all checks.


            a. How much of my donation will be used in the relief effort?

100% of gifts received for UCC Haiti Earthquake relief will be used for relief and rehabilitation initiatives.   The administrative costs related to receiving and processing gifts is covered by UCC members’ generous contributions to Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM).


            b. My company offers matching gifts. Will my gift to UCC Haiti  Earthquake    Relief fund qualify for this program?

Yes, the United Church of Christ is a federally recognized, tax exempt organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax ID number is 34-1927041. Receipts will be issued for charitable contributions made to the United Church of Christ for disaster-related or other mission work.


            c. How much money has the UnitedChurch of Christ raised for Haiti?

In the wake of this disaster, the response of UCC members and friends has been overwhelming. As a result of this generosity, new gifts are received daily.  As of  Monday, January 25, 2010, over $500,000 has been received.  Please be assured that your contributions are being used to meet both immediate needs in Haiti and will be utilized for long-term recovery initiatives



3.  Our congregation would like to collect clothes, food and/or supplies. How can we respond with material resources?

Please prepare Gift of the Heart Hygiene Kits and Baby Kits, and avoid other material collections.  Church World Service has issued an urgent call for Church World Service Baby and Hygiene Kits.  This is a good “hands on” activity for church groups.


Donations of clothing and other materials are generally not appropriate for disaster response.  Warehouse space and transportation costs must be focused on critically needed supplies.


At this point, the best way to help people in Haiti is by continuing to hold them in prayer making a donation to the UCC’s Haiti Earthquake Relief fund and assembling CWS Kits.



4.  Can I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities on-site are rare immediately following a disaster of this magnitude.   The only call we have received so far is for experienced trauma and orthopedic surgeons and anesthesiologists from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


For more information on international disaster volunteers visit the Center for International Disaster Information’s Web site or read about Volunteers for Prosperity, a volunteer program managed by USAID.


We have begun initial conversations with ecumenical partners here in the U.S. to explore the possibility of offering mission work trip opportunities some time in the future.  As information becomes available, we will post it to our website:  www.ucc.org/disaster


Global Ministries has suspended People-to-People trips to Haiti for the time being as our partner CONASPEH is responding directly to the disaster and is not in a position to host groups.



5. Why aren’t Church World Service and the UCC included in the various lists of agencies responding to the disaster in Haiti?

Many news agencies have compiled lists of organizations that are currently working to provide relief in Haiti. While Church World Service is included on many of these lists, there are inevitably instances in which the agency is not listed. Often, the choice of which charities to include on these lists is up those making editorial decisions.


If you find that Church World Service has not been included on the list of your local news agency or other organization, please feel free to contact that agency and encourage them to expand their coverage to include Church World Service’ work. 

Recognized as one of America's Most Efficient Charities, Church World Service has earned an "A" rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy and was named one of the Top 100 Highly Rated Charities by GiveSpot.com.

6. Have Global Ministries mission personnel been affected?

Information on Global Ministries mission personnel can be found on the Global Ministries website.


7. How can I stay informed?

Please continue to check the UCC Disaster and Global Ministries sites for current and updated information. 

Contact Info

Phyllis Y. Richards
Program Associate, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115