Getting the Aid In!

Getting the Aid In!

Why give to the UCC's Myanmar Cyclone Fund if the aid can't get through and make a difference to those trying to survive the storm?


Why supporting the UCC's Myanmar Cyclone Fund makes good sense!

Thanks so much for your concern for the people of Myanmar.  Yes, getting relief aid and personnel into Myanmar is a challenge.  However, one of the gifts of being part of the wider church, and committed to ecumenicity, is that we are able to work with and through partners around the world when disasters strike.  The UCC – as a member of Church World Service and Action by Churches Together, International and the World Council of Churches – is working with our partners to assess the situation and make plans for what we can do together to support  local Myanmar partners in providing early relief and long-term rehabilitation. 

~ A CWS regional coordinator is in Yangon, Myanmar conducting assessments and networking with four CWS local partners. CWS convened a coordinating meeting in Bangkok among key Action By Churches Together Alliance members who will be involved in the response. Our partners in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand have experienced disaster response staff ready to deploy in the week(s) to come.  The Myanmar government is open to providing visas for persons from the region – so we are looking to Asian partners to be the "on the ground" folks helping to support the local Myanmar partners. 

~ Church World Service has a license from the U.S. Treasury which permits the transfer of funds and relief items to Myanmar. As an initial response, CWS plans to provide water and water purification materials and temporary shelter materials (tarpaulins, ground sheets & blankets) to displaced communities in the disaster area.  Some of these materials are available locally in Myanmar; some are coming in with staff on commercial airlines and others are being shipped from the CWS warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand.   

~ Our partner, The Christian Conference of Asia is also able to transmit funds to Myanmar. 

~ As assessments continue, the nature and dynamic of the UCC/CWS/ACT response will likely change to meet evolving needs in Myanmar.

Myanmar has experienced an overwhelming and devastating disaster.  The United Nations, supported by gifts from the U.S. Government, which come from our tax dollars, is helping to provide immediate food relief.  The church, supported by gifts from members, is committed to both early relief and long-term rehabilitation.  It is often said that when the TV cameras, Red Cross and the UN leave a disaster situation – the church stays for the long haul.  In order to make this come true for the people of Myanmar, we seek generous gifts from our UCC members and friends in support of the UCC's Myanmar Cyclone Fund.