UCC reaches out to flood ravaged Colorado

UCC reaches out to flood ravaged Colorado



In the wake of devastating floods and mudslides, the Rev. Sue Artt, Acting UCC Rocky Mountain Conference Minister, is attempting to contact pastors of all UCC congregations in the storm’s path.  While no reports of damage to UCC property have been received, it is known UCC members have been evacuated from their homes, several of which are damaged.  According to the Los Angeles Times, about 1,500 buildings have been destroyed by flooding over the past week. Nearly 17,500 have been damaged, the Times adds. About 2,400 square miles of area have been affected.

UCC Longmont (Colorado) is offering free drop-in child care and supervision for the children of families affected by the flooding and water disaster.  Providing this service will enable parents to attend to immediate recovery tasks.  The congregation also plans to participate in community-based long-term recovery efforts.

Several UCC members are already engaged in assisting their neighbors and communities as clean-up begins.

One Great Hour of Sharing solidarity grants are being made available immediately to UCC congregations responding to needs which arise from this disaster.  Longer-term plans for UCC response will be developed after the flood waters recede and communities identify their recovery needs.

The Rev. Martha McMane, Senior Pastor of First Congregational UCC Boulder wrote to the congregation:  As ever, many people may be asking, "Where is God in the midst of disaster?" We can experience God's presence in the compassion and care all around us, as people respond by reaching out to one another, generously offering help to both friend and stranger alike. We can experience God's care in how our police and emergency workers use their skill and commitment, tirelessly risking their own lives to protect others. People all across the nation are praying for us here, and God's Spirit will continue to be poured out, providing comfort, strength and hope.

How YOU Can Help
1.  Pray for the people and communities impacted by flooding and mudslides.

2.  You can help the survivors of disasters in the United States, like Colorado Floods & Mudslides, by making a financial gift to the UCC Emergency USA Response Fund, which will provide immediate relief as well as long-term support through the provision of emergency aid, recovery assistance and other support to help those in need.

Make a gift payable to your congregation marked for Emergency USA, with the request it be sent through your Conference Office on to United Church of Christ, Financial Services, 700 Prospect Avenue E, Cleveland, OH 44115.


3.  Send gifts, payable to United Church of Christ and marked in the memo portion Emergency USA, to United Church of Christ, Financial Services, 700 Prospect Avenue E, Cleveland, OH 44115.


4.  Make a secure on-line donation to the Emergency USA fund.  Donate Now.  

5.  Assemble Church World Service clean up kits which are urgently needed.

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