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February 23, 2010


We’re Home!


Carol and Diane Talton moved into their home on Saturday, February 6, 2010.  This project was funded by the Salvation Army ($5,275.) and the Red Cross, ($14,020.)  The Disaster Ministry volunteers contributed 1656 hours of labor to completely rebuild Carol and Diane’s home. Carol and Diane’s mortgage was paid off with their insurance money without their approval which left them with little to begin the process of rebuilding their home.  The caseworker who accepted their case worked for the Red Cross.  Throughout the rebuild process the sisters worked with us on making decisions on colors and other items in the home.  It is a wonderful day when a family returns home.  It is the reason this ministry exists.  At the house blessing, some of the volunteers present had worked on the rebuilding of the home on their last trip to New Orleans six months ago.  Carol and Diane were extremely happy and grateful for the work done through this ministry and just ecstatic to be in their home.   

Partner in Service Volunteer



Betzi Yuncglas has been a Partner in Service volunteer for 9 months in New Orleans.  Her final week working with us is the first week of March 2010.  Betzi is from Dallas.  She is retired from Southwestern Bell  after 31 years of employment.  Betzi purchased a travel trailer while here and will be traveling to different parts of the country when she leaves.  Betzi worked as one of our site supervisors leading volunteer groups to a variety of construction sites and instructing volunteers in the work they were to do.  She is the first person from the South Central Conference to serve as a partner in Service volunteer in New Orleans.  She approached Rev. Coe at the South Central Conference annual meeting in 2008 about wanting to volunteer.  Betzi’s gentle demeanor,  quiet confidence and personality made for an excellent fit with everyone.  We thank Betzi for her service and wish her well wherever God leads. 

Volunteer Coordinator



Elizabeth Baumann began working with us in the fall of 2009 as Volunteer Coordinator.  If you have contacted our office recently you have probably talked with her.  We are very pleased to have her working with us.  Elizabeth is from Denver, CO and brings a great deal of non-profit disaster related experience to the position.  Like many people, Hurricane Katrina brought Elizabeth to New Orleans.  She has worked with Habitat for Humanity, Hands On Gulf Coast, Americorps and most recently St. Bernard Project.  Her duties have ranged from construction site supervisor to volunteer coordinator.  Elizabeth is attending the University of New Orleans.  Her plans are to stay in this area for some time but ultimately would like to return to her native Colorado.  






Numbers as of Jan. 2010

# of volunteers                     4883

# of groups                           406

Total hours                           122,075

$ value added labor             $2,704,145.


Thank you so much !!!


What do the numbers 847 and 57 have in


In a little over four years the ministry initially cleaned out 847 homes.  Since rebuilding homes began 57 rebuild projects have been completed from complete rebuilds to more minor repairs.  The goal as it always has been, is to assist a family to return to a safe secure comfortable home.


To register to come and volunteer for a week go to:


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135 Sauve Road

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Phone: 504-258-7306

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