In Case of Flood Climb to Safety

July 9, 2014

"In Case of Flood Climb to Safety” is what I read on, what appeared to be, newly posted signs lining the road I traveled from Loveland, Colorado toward Estes Park. All along the route there were signs of the devastating flood waters that had ripped through the canyon destroying the road, houses and anything in its path. Months after the flooding that caused so much damage in this region the signs of flooding were still very visible in the small communities in the foothills, where the waters were flowing quickly, but in the cities, where significant numbers of families were impacted, the signs were not so prominent even though the need remained. While meeting with local UCC leaders I was impressed with how our local congregations had responded, how they had stepped out of the box and out in faith to support the community around them. They hosted strangers in their buildings, they collected food and money and in the words of Paul in Romans 12 they offered their “bodies as a living sacrifices” by serving in the community on Sunday mornings during what would normally be their scheduled worship services. As I met with these pastors and local leaders much appreciation was expressed for my visit as many felt as though the rest of the world had moved on and forgotten the loss that so many had experienced. Throughout those conversations it became clear that there was continued need for support and that recovery had really just begun in many areas. As I have experienced so many times in the past… “Disaster recovery is not a sprint it is a marathon.” The need for volunteers to help repair and rebuild homes is just now beginning. 
Since the 2013 flood UCC Disaster Ministries has allocated nearly $35,000 in support for immediate relief and early recovery efforts.

To Support UCC Disaster Ministries:

Volunteer to repair and rebuild homes in disaster stricken communities.


Mr. Zachary Wolgemuth
Executive for UCC Disaster Ministries
United Church of Christ
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Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Ms. Diane Dicken
Administrative Assistant, Global Sharing of Resources
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