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UCC gears up response to Oklahoma Tornados!

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UCC Supports Disaster Relief Efforts in Colorado Wild Fires!

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Urgent Response to Syria Humanitarian Crisis



United States
File In Case of Flood Climb to Safety
July 9, 2014
In Case of Flood Climb to Safety” is what I read on, what appeared to be, newly posted signs lining the road I traveled from Loveland, Colorado toward Estes Park
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File UCC Disaster Ministries Responds to U.S. Storms
July 3, 2014
Severe spring and early summer weather continue to affect several states throughout the U.S. as tornadoes, high winds, hail, flooding and wildfires have caused damage in over 10 states
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File UCC, Fuller Center growing partnership around disaster relief
June 18, 2014
The partnership between the UCC and the Fuller Center is poised to grow even further after a visit by nearly 50 bicyclists from the Fuller Center to the UCC Church House as they came through Cleveland on Wednesday, June 18.
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File The Spring Storm Season Starts Late but Strong
April 29, 2014
Starting Saturday April 26, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes have been hitting numerous states in the U.S. Midwest and South and are heading to the East. By Monday night, April 28, at least 17 states had been affected. Disaster response specialists are still gathering assessment information.
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File UCC chaplain at Fort Hood ministers to soldiers after shooting
April 3, 2014
A United Church of Christ chaplain stationed at Fort Hood Army base in Texas was at work well into the night, bravely doing her best to comfort and assist as she ministered to fellow soldiers following a deadly shooting left three dead and 16 others injured.
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File H1N1

Includes helpful information on H1N1 such as School Materials, Prevention Methods, Information on Children/Parents and Child Care Providers as well as General Information.
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File Hurricane Irene Wreaks Havoc
September 1, 2011
Hurricane Irene continues to wreak havoc and destruction in Northeast United States. Rebuilding efforts projected to take several years and cost billions of dollars. Financial donations and CWS kits needed now.
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File Hurricane Irene Update
August 29, 2011
Hurricane Irene leaves trail of destruction across 14 states. Clean up and recovery projected to take months.
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File UCC Disaster Ministries supports flood relief in Burundi
July 1, 2014
Following heavy rains, in February, families suffered loss from flood waters that overwhelmed the city of Bujumbura killing over 100 people.
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File UCC Disaster Ministries responds in the Balkans
June 6, 2014
UCC Disaster Ministries has directed $7,500 to support the work of partner agency Church World Service in response to the ongoing disaster in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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File Chile Earthquake Update
April 14, 2014
The April 1, 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile triggered a tsunami alert causing 972,457 people to evacuate
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File New UCC disaster ministries executive assessing recovery efforts around the world
April 4, 2014
As the point-person for disaster response for the United Church of Christ’s national offices, Zach Wolgemuth has quickly delved into recovery efforts by the church and its partners, both domestically and globally.
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File “Bear One Another’s Burdens” Galatians 6:2a
April 2, 2014
On April 1, 2014 an 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile. A six-foot tsunami and several strong aftershocks followed. More than 900,000 people were evacuated to higher ground.
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