Hurricane Dean hits Jamaica and Mexico

August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean hammered Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula with blistering winds and heavy rain on Tuesday, missing the prime tourist spots of the Mayan Riviera but causing damage in the provincial capital of Chetumal.

Updated September 4, 2007

Hurricane Dean left a trail of destruction as it surged across the Caribbean on Sunday, August 19, toppling buildings, homes and trees on islands along its periphery.  The Category 4 storm that crashed into Jamaima continued along strenthening to a Category 5 storm when it hit Mexico. The storm then weakened to a Category 2 storm as it moved over the peninsula toward the Bay of Campeche.

Thus far 13 lives have been lost to this disaster, however a death count has not yet been given for Mexico.

It appeared that the storm, although brutal, would not cause the devastation of Hurricane Wilma, which had washed away whole beaches in Cancún in 2005. “If the storm had come through Cancún, we would be talking about a different level of damage,” Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, said in a telephone interview.

The United Church of Christ, working with the United Church of Christ in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and other partner organizations, are still trying to access the damage. Repairs and recovery are anticipated to be significant as infrastructure as well as the agricultural sector have been severely impacted. A detailed report of damage and the estimated cost of repairs are expected in another 2 weeks.  

The United Church of Christ has responded with an initial gift of $5,000. More support is expected to be sent once the damage and recovery assessments have been submitted.

How You Can Help:

  1. Pray for the people affected by Hurricane Dean. 
  2. Make gifts payable to your UCC Congregation, marked for "International Disaster Fund" in the memo portion, and send to your Conference Office with a note asking that the gift be forwarded to Wider Church Ministries; 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115.
  3. Gifts may also be sent directly to Wider Church Ministries.
  4. Make a secure online donation now. 


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