Gulf Oil Spill

June 28, 2010

The United Church of Christ National Disaster Ministries is preparing to assist in the response to the oil spill along the Gulf. The UCC has worked on technology-caused disasters for ten years and is monitoring the situation to determine how best to respond.



The United Church of Christ National Disaster Ministries has been involved in assisting with technology-caused disaster for ten years.  The oil spill in the Gulf will have a heavy impact on wildlife and most importantly on people who earn their livelihood by fishing in these waters.  These are the very same people who are only just recovering from Hurricane Katrina which occurred almost five years ago.

The UCC is preparing to assist in an ecumenical response with unmet needs that may be identified in the next couple of weeks.  The UCC will continue to monitor the situation.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will be impacted by this spill.  Five staging areas are in place and ready to protect sensitive shorelines.  These areas include: Biloxi, MS; Pensacola, FL; Venice, LA; Pascagoula, MS; and Theodore, AL.  Phone numbers below for local residents are to assist environmental groups:

To report oiled or injured wildlife, please call 1-800-557-1401.
To discuss spill related damage claims, please call 1-800-440-0858.
To report oil on land, or for general Community and Volunteer Information, please call 1-866-448-5816.


1. Pray for people who live in communities affected by technology-caused disasters.

2.  To help those affected by disasters you may, send gifts payable to your congregation marked for OGHS special fund Emergency USA: 2010 Gulf Oil Spill with the request they be sent through your Conference office on to Wider Church Ministries.


3. Send gifts, made out to Wider Church Ministries and marked in the memo portion OGHS special fund Emergency USA: 2010 Gulf Oil Spill to UCC Financial Services; Wider Church Ministries, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115.


4. Make a secure on-line donation Donate Now.

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