UCC Disaster Ministries responds in the Balkans

June 6, 2014

UCC Disaster Ministries has directed $7,500 to support the work of partner agency Church World Service in response to the ongoing disaster in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The month of May brought historical Flooding, from heavy rains, resulting in death and destruction throughout the region. Initial reports indicate that more than 60,000 people were evacuated and tens of thousands of homes devastated and dozens feared dead and/or missing. Access to many areas remains a challenge as bridges, roads, railways and public transportation have been destroyed or impacted. Many power systems, water treatment systems and other public infrastructure remain compromised. Support is being used to provide material aid such as emergency food supplies and hygiene kits.

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Mr. Zachary Wolgemuth
Executive for UCC Disaster Ministries
United Church of Christ
700 Prospect Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Ms. Diane Dicken
Administrative Assistant, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115