Joplin, MO

United Church of Christ/Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Disaster Recovery in Joplin, Missouri
with Joplin Long Term Recovery Committee
Housing at South Joplin Christian Church

Contact:  Howard Self, UCC/Disciples Disaster Ministries' Registrar (Joplin)
Phone:  618.318.2445 (Cell)
On-Line Registration

Work Needed:  Long-Term Disaster Recovery from May 2011 tornado.  Projects will include, but not limited to, home repair, rebuilding, and new construction, as identified by the Joplin Long Term Recovery Committee.

Time:  Open weeks through August 2014.  Arrive on Sunday evening. Work Monday - Friday.  Depart by Saturday morning.

Group Size:  20 total each week.  (Generally 15 UCC and 15 Disciples each week).  Check with registrar on availability of a particular week.

AccommodationsHousing provided by South Joplin Christian Church.  Bunks, bathrooms, showers, access to kitchen facilities and utensils, and access to laundry facilities are available.  

Want to see?  Bob Dinkins, a volunteer from Saint Andrew Christian Church in Olathe, KS, one of the churches staying at the South Joplin Mission Station, posted this video about his experience as a volunteer in Joplin, Missouri with disaster recovery.  The video about his experience as a volunteer in Joplin, Missouri with disaster recovery.  The video, written as a thank-you for his employer's generosity with flexible time off to go on a mission trip, does a terrific job of highlighting  the work being organized by UCC-Disciples' partners at Rebuild Joplin and the mission station that arose out of the combined efforts of South Joplin Christian Church, countless volunteers from local churches, Week of Compassion, Disciples Volunteering, One Great Hour of Sharing, UCC National Disaster and Volunteer Ministries, the Ozark Area of the Christian Church in Mid-America, and the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the UCC.

Group Payment:  Please send in one group check for registration and one group check for the final balance.  Also, please write "Joplin Mission Station" AND the week of your scheduled trip on the memo line of your check.  Checks should be made out to "Disciples Home Missions".

CostThe total cost is $75/person per week to support the ongoing operations of the mission station. The fee is broken down into two parts:

  1. Within three weeks of receiving confirmation of your reservation, a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $25/person is due.  Because this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, please make the most accurate reservation you can.
  2. At least three weeks prior to your arrival in Joplin, the remaining program fee of $50/person participating is due.  Please note that this balance due is based on the number of people in your group who will be in Joplin ($50xactual number of participants".  It is not affected by your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. 
  3. Cancellations:  Cancellations made at least three weeks prior to arrival will receive a refund of the $50/person portion of the program fee if it has already been paid.
  4. Mail payment to:  Disciples/UCC Joplin Disaster Recovery, c/o Brenda Tyler, Disciples Home Missions, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206

Questions?  Contact:  Howard Self, UCC/Disciples Disaster Ministries' Registrar (Joplin)
Phone:  618.318.2445 (Cell)

Cancellations may be received with a refund of $50 if already paid; up to three weeks prior to arrival.  Remember, the $25 reservation fee is non-refundable.

UCC Groups - please note that this is a different payment system than other UCC disaster recovery sites.

Costs for building materials and tools, and construction supervision provided through the local Joplin Long-Term Recovery Committee.  Your donations to UCC One Great Hour of Sharing®, the UCC Spring Storms Appeal, and Disciples Week of Compassion help make possible the local work of the Long-Term Recovery Committee and group housing.

Minimum Age16 years.  Volunteers under age 18 have specific waiver forms requiring parent/guardian signature.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5

Education Components: 
Preparation for the Trip:
  "Mission Trips That Matter" by Don C. Richter, Upper Room Books.

On-Site Reflection:  "Meeting God in the Ruins:  Devotions for Disaster Volunteers" Copies will be provided at group housing site.  Additional free copies may be ordered from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by calling 800.638.3522 ext. 2580 (ISBN 6-0001-6788-1); pay shipping only.

Follow up Action:

If you would like to purchase a Disaster/Volunteer Ministries t-shirt, simply click here.


Mr. Zachary Wolgemuth
Executive for UCC Disaster Ministries
United Church of Christ
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