Disaster Ministries volunteers Rebuild in Oklahoma

July 30, 2014

The tornadoes of last year, that devastated communities in Oklahoma, no longer supply major news outlets with the stories that once dominated the headlines but quietly and faithfully a group of dedicated volunteers continue to serve families still struggling to recover from the storms that took so much from them that day. Partnering together, UCC Disaster Ministries and Disciples Volunteering continue to provide ongoing support for the long-term rebuild and recovery efforts by sending groups of volunteers and financial support. Through these efforts dozens of homes have been repaired and rebuilt but most importantly lives are being impacted. Recently a UCC volunteer reflected on their experience, helping to rebuild homes in Oklahoma, and discovered that recovery is much more than restoring physical structures and through the physical act of helping others, in Christian love, the spiritual was unexpectedly accentuated. “We are humbled that we were able to serve God.  Our hope is that we offered Christ's love and help to people in the area.  We ourselves received so much!” the volunteer explained. 

To Support UCC Disaster Ministries:

Volunteer to repair and rebuild homes in disaster stricken communities.


Mr. Zachary Wolgemuth
Executive for UCC Disaster Ministries
United Church of Christ
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Ms. Diane Dicken
Administrative Assistant, Global Sharing of Resources
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