Global Ministries Partner, Reformed Church in France, sent a volunteer work group to New Orleans to repair homes

January 5, 2007

A Reflection from a missionary, Tim Rose

From November 25th to December 5th, a group of 11 volunteers from the Reformed Church in France and a group of American volunteers from the United Church of Christ in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist in the disaster recovery program, helping residents who are trying to rebuild their homes and lives - 14 months after Hurricane Katrina.

Shortly after the hurricane, the UCC set up a disaster response team responsible for coordinating the work to be done and hosting work groups on a weekly basis. Since the disaster, over 100 groups have come from all over America to aid in the clean up and reconstruction. The French group was very proud to be the first international group to make the trip and to be hosted by the UCC.

Housed at the suburban UCC parish of Little Farms the group spent its days working primarily to clean out damaged homes. Many people who fled during the hurricane are now living far from the city and find themsleves without enough resources to even start to repair their homes. The city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana seem to be overwhelmed by the size of the recovery work to be done, and federal government aid is bogged down in beaurocracy. The group witnessed entire neighborhoods still basically untouched. Houses missing roofs, interiors covered with mold and mildew, and housing rats, roaches, spiders  and even frogs, and hundreds of people living in government given trailers on their front lawn.

For the group, French and American alike, entering into a once flooded house was an emotional experience. Working to clean out a jumble of waterlogged and rotting furniture, cookware, clothing, toys, books and personal items accumulated over a lifetime, was extremely difficult, both physically and emotionally, as the lives of people and families passed through their hands and into the garbage heap. After removing everything, work continued with the tearing out of rotten walls, ceilings, carpeting and cabinetry. By the end of our demolition, the empty homes which were taken down to stud walls became signs of hope for families who can now begin the process of rebuilding. The idea of trying to look ahead to a promising future was felt by everyone. 

The members of the parish of Little Farms, welcomed the group with open arms. The parish organised two sunday services in both French and English and it's members introduced the French and North Carolinians to cajun cooking via a church potluck...mmm mmm good! The disaster recovery coordinators also did an amazing job of organizing the team's stay and work.

It was clear, as each one, American and French, said their "au revoirs," that the trip was indeed a powerful one. Barriers and stereotypes were knocked down and the gospel message of Christ was evident as people came together to work, pray and play.
Note:  Visit the French Reformed Church web site for an article about the trip with a number of photos. 

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