Devotionals by Marchae Grair

Devotionals by Marchae Grair

Prayer Warriors

Marchaé Grair

As a child, I didn't always understand the term "prayer warriors." What kind of war were they fighting?

Does God Exist?

Marchaé Grair

I've never been very concerned with trying to prove God exists, especially when those suffering hard times around me want to question God.

The Power of Patience

Marchae Grair

In God's Divine wisdom, perhaps She knows we need reminders to slow down and wait. 

Crying with Permission

Marchaé Grair

Even when I'm crying alone, I feel embarrassed I can't keep it together. I fall victim to a society that indicts emotion and criminalizes imperfection.

Addicted to Guilt

Marchaé Grair

Lay yourself bare before God, and know that even on your worst days, you are enough.

Is This Healing Balm for Me?

Marchaé Grair

I like to think when Jeremiah says "my people," he is fleeing from deflection and accepting that his deliverance is intertwined with theirs.

Who Would Jesus Troll?

Marchae Grair

God's commandments to love don't change just because we're in front of a computer screen or a smartphone.

Me and My Sombrero

Marchae Grair

God, help me to seek lessons from my elders while building my own authentic truths.

Marchae Grair

Marchae Grair
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Social Networking for Churches

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Using existing 'social networks'

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Creating a Local Church presence on Facebook

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Creating a Facebook Page for Your Church
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Create your own 'social network'

Create your own 'social network' for your church members, ministry, or youth group. WHAT?  Why have your own network and not use Facebook or MySpace –after all lot's of folks are already on those networks? It is a matter of connecting to your own group in a special way that doesn't include a whole lot of other stuff that divert attention away from the church or group members getting to know one another better and actually sharing with one another. Also you can feature church or group activities and keep everyone informed on stuff that coming up soon.