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Terrible Signs

Rachel Hackenberg

In Cleveland this past winter, in the middle of February, we enjoyed a full week of spring-like temperatures in the 60s.

The Thing with Feathers

Talitha Arnold

A rooster lives a few houses down from my house in Santa Fe.

Company Policy

Vince Amlin

"I'm sorry. That's against our policy."

Is the Lord Satisfied with Me?

Christina Villa

Every day on my drive to work, I used to pass a crumbling brick church with grime-covered windows and a tiny patch of dirt and weeds out front.

It's a Metaphor, Nicodemus!

Lillian Daniel

Literal thinkers drive me crazy.

Costs of Discipleship

Vicki Kemper

I don't know why God would kill a man who tried to keep the ark of the covenant from falling over—or why King David would think Uzzah's death was God's doing.

Ever Burning

John Edgerton

Promises like these from the Psalms are grand and wonderful.

The Joyful River and the Road of Resistance

Emily Heath

On the Monday of the week when this country reached the point of literal children being held in literal cages at the US/Mexico border (or at least became aware of it), I found myself fly fishing on a river near another border: the Canadian one.

Under Trees

Mary Luti

Years ago, several Israeli contractors overseeing the construction of the separation wall were prosecuted for stealing Palestinian olive trees.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Why can we so rarely manage to be the people we want to be, to consistently act the way we resolve to?