Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

Bow Your Head Beneath the Door Jamb

Matt Fitzgerald

I've got a lot on my hands.

Locavore Faith

Donna Schaper

First was celebration; next was water, next was food. 


Vicki Kemper

But it is even harder, perhaps, to face the reality that we cannot truly save anyone or fix anything.

The Strength of Repentance

Talitha Arnold

There's power in repentance, if only because we don't have to spend all that energy hiding from ourselves or others, including God.

God of the Aged

Matt Laney

I once said something in a sermon about getting older. I was thirty-four at the time.

Passing Guests

Mary Luti

The psalmist knows he's here today, gone tomorrow, a passing guest of God. 

Religion Without the Rules

Kenneth L. Samuel

For a long time, John Lennon's famous lines from his iconic song, "Imagine," haunted me.

A Continual Course Correction

Richard L. Floyd

Repentance has long been an important theme for Lent, but many are put off by the idea since it seems to demand one big life-changing event.

168 Hours

Emily C. Heath

One of the things I find myself preaching about the most is time, and how we choose to use it. 

Just Words

Tony Robinson

There's a popular wisdom that says words don't matter. It's actions that are important.

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