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The Day After Christmas?

Tony Robinson

It's a bit of an anti-climax, isn't it? The day after Christmas?

Merry Reincarnation Day

Matt Laney

Occasionally, I'm asked if I believe in reincarnation.

We are the Miracles

Marchaé Grair

I am a miracle. 


Say It Again

Mary Luti

Every Advent, the prophets remind us that God is disgusted by piety divorced from justice.


Molly Baskette

I followed the hugs.

Suicide Watches

Donna Schaper

Have you ever been on a suicide watch?

Who's On First?

Tony Robinson

One of the things that can be tough in a work environment is having multiple bosses.

For the Peace of Jerusalem

Kaji Douša

In the din and danger of the First World War, Sir Hubert Parry was charged with writing a new song.


Quinn G. Caldwell

It's a good time of year for stargazing, assuming you're in the northern hemisphere (if you're in the southern hemisphere: Hi!  We love you from up here!).

Armor for Advent Times

Emily C. Heath

I don't like the image of militarized Christians much, and I never want to encourage the idea of Crusades-like armies.