Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

Hope for a Day

Today's reflection by Donna Schaper: O God, give us a center and a throne, where we may find the kind of good guidance that a Shepherd gives to a lamb.

First Things First

Today's reflection by Anthony B. Robinson: There are so many congregations today worrying and wondering if they will survive. Trust me—better, trust Jesus. It’s the wrong question. The right one is "What’s God’s purpose for our church today?" Discover that and go after it with holy love and wild abandon. Nothing else matters.


Today's reflection by Quinn Caldwell: O God, grant me visions. Show me a world beyond anything I can imagine. Make me ready to hope in things so wonderful only you could conceive them.

Sing Anyway!

Today's reflection by Bill Green: God, teach me to sing all over again, no matter what I face.

"Put me in, Coach!"

Today's reflection by Lillian Daniel: to really follow your calling, you need energy and action. Once you say, "Here I am. Send me," you’re on the record.

Daily Devotional Feed

Daily Devotional Feed

Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

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