Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

"The World Needs Your Cargo"

Today's reflection by Donna Schaper: The route to the joy of unity is here. Dump the cargo of past injury. It is spoiling you.

A New Thing

Today's reflection by Quinn Caldwell: God, give me the courage and vision to do a new thing for your sake when the old things stop working.


Today's reflection by Christina Villa: Dear God, help us deserve to be called "Christian."

The Jesus Triangle

Today's reflection by Tony Robinson: Sometimes when we find ourselves holding someone too tightly, whether in affection or anger, it’s good to put Jesus in the middle.

Getting Up Again

Today's reflection by Bill Green: Faith and prayer are no guarantee that we won’t run into trouble. Whether it’s a personal crisis, trouble with the budget at church, or turmoil in the world, faith can lead us to face head-on issues we’d rather avoid.

You're Glorious

Today's reflection by William C. Green: The "clouds of glory" we trail are not ours but God’s. We are created in the superlative but live in the diminutive when, wanting to praise God, we enthrone instead our own sins and shortcomings. With Daniel, we can remember the One in whose glory we live, and through whose power we stand.

Your Heart Will Follow

Today's reflection by Martin Copenhaver: Give and spend where you want your heart to be, and then let your heart catch up. Don't just give to those things you care about. Give to the things you want to care about.

Family of God

Today's reflection by Deris Rice: Creative and Holy Presence, I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God. Help me to love and care for others just as you, God, do for me.

Back to Our Maker

Today's reflection by Ken Samuel: There is nothing wrong with us today that cannot be redeemed, rescued and renewed by our Creator!

Costly Grace

Today's reflection by Ron Buford: Gracious God, please give me the power I lack to forgive someone--even if it’s me--who has hurt me deeply. I turn my heart over to you.

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