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Keeping An Eye

Jennifer Brownell

I used to be certain exactly who Paul is talking about here.

God's Righteousness and Ours

Richard L. Floyd

The concept of "righteousness" was important to Ancient Israel's self-understanding of their covenant with God.

Rested, and Ready to Fight

Molly Baskette

Late August begins the panic and dread that we have not enjoyed summer as much as we should have.

No Fear

Vicki Kemper

After looping my dog's leash around a post, I stepped into a shop for a cup of tea.

Here I Am!

Jo Deen Blaine Davis

My office is in a building open to the public (the church) and my door is open to all.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Paul did not do a good job of anticipating the Internet

Praise, Always

John A. Nelson

Writing devotionals several weeks or longer before publication, it's unusual to know just what will be happening on the day these thoughts will fly out through the ether.

Who Would Jesus Troll?

Marchaé Grair

Access to social media has revolutionized the way we communicate.


Matthew Laney

At some point in the recent past, the word "snowflake" received new meaning.

Compassion in the Desert

Talitha Arnold

The Christian faith really isn't all that complicated.