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Sorry, That's Not My Gift

Tony Robinson

I'm having second thoughts on spiritual gifts.

5 Intentional Minutes with God

Ron Buford

A Facebook intermediary connected me with Beverly, a dear college friend and symbol of so much of who I am – someone I'd not seen for more than 20 years.

Heavy Lifting

Emily C. Heath

I recently started lifting weights again after a several months long break.

Is Pride Something to be Proud of?

Lillian Daniel

Although many people don't know it, the famous expression "Pride goes before a fall" comes from the Bible. 

We Did Tell You ...

John A. Nelson

What's it going to take, for you to accept the good news? 


Vince Amlin

I am standing at a table which holds the oldest telescope in America.


Jennifer Brownell

"Well, I sinned with my husband just last night!"

God Loves Complainers

Matt Laney

Sometimes I want to give God parenting lessons.


Quinn G. Caldwell

"Papa?" I hear my seven-year-old calling curiously from upstairs, where we're supposed to be playing Legos.

Fingerprints of God

Molly Baskette

Life has been very messy lately.