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Between Us

Donna Schaper

I am often corrected by others.


Rachel Hackenberg

Let the sun and moon beam with pride: God has come!


Molly Baskette

These two short verses are all we have to describe the child Jesus between eight days old and tweenage 12 years.

The Day After Christmas?

Tony Robinson

It's a bit of an anti-climax, isn't it? The day after Christmas?

Merry Reincarnation Day

Matt Laney

Occasionally, I'm asked if I believe in reincarnation.

We are the Miracles

Marchaé Grair

I am a miracle. 


Say It Again

Mary Luti

Every Advent, the prophets remind us that God is disgusted by piety divorced from justice.


Molly Baskette

I followed the hugs.

Suicide Watches

Donna Schaper

Have you ever been on a suicide watch?

Who's On First?

Tony Robinson

One of the things that can be tough in a work environment is having multiple bosses.