United Church of Christ

We Did Tell You ...

John A. Nelson

What's it going to take, for you to accept the good news? 


Vince Amlin

I am standing at a table which holds the oldest telescope in America.


Jennifer Brownell

"Well, I sinned with my husband just last night!"

God Loves Complainers

Matt Laney

Sometimes I want to give God parenting lessons.


Quinn G. Caldwell

"Papa?" I hear my seven-year-old calling curiously from upstairs, where we're supposed to be playing Legos.

Fingerprints of God

Molly Baskette

Life has been very messy lately.

Facing the Heat

Tony Robinson

If you want to make a difference, you will face some heat.

Remove the Pews for Easter's Beauty

Donna Schaper

What we really hold in common is beauty, not money or objects.


Kenneth L. Samuel

Our ears know the difference between harmony and cacophony.

Nothing New

Mary Luti

Forty days.