United Church of Christ

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Asking for Directions

Matt Laney

Before the service started, he wanted to mail a letter.


Quinn G. Caldwell

For my money, this is one of the trickiest of Jesus' teachings.

Freaky Future

Molly Baskette

I was hiking in the mountains with two sages recently, both age 12 and female


Tony Robinson

Have we got it backwards?

Locked In

Donna Schaper

This passage has a sense of mystery as well as joy. 

Now That Looks Like You

Kenneth L. Samuel

Recently a friend of mine recommended that I follow a certain course of action in dealing with a potential adversary.  The advice seemed reasonable, applicable and definitely understandable to anyone with full knowledge of the situation. 

Inside Spirit

Mary Luti

In this activist denomination the Holy Spirit is often imagined as a divine wrecking ball, smashing oppression and clearing the debris of injustice

Your Sons and Your Daughters Shall Prophesy!

Richard L. Floyd

On that first Pentecost the crowd thought the disciples were drunk, but they weren't drunk, they were "inspired."

Does God Exist?

Marchaé Grair

A rabbi on the show Transparent wants to start a family, so she is devastated when she experiences a miscarriage.

And from this Corner . . .

Kaji Douŝa

In my social settings, the person whose faith leads with commandments is pretty sure to find themselves isolated in a corner.