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No Turning Back

Tony Robinson

This is one of those stories that makes me think Jesus would not have done well in pastoral ministry.

Lumieres Retrouvez at Chartres

Donna Schaper

The cathedral at Chartres is undergoing a major renovation.

The False God SUCCESS

Richard L. Floyd

The apostle Paul spent years traveling around the Mediterranean world sharing the Good News of what God had done in Jesus Christ.

Oh Say Can't You See?

Kaji Dousa

As the waves rocked the boat, as the panic set in, as it seemed that all would shortly be lost, the disciples were incredulous.

Love Your Nature As Yourself

Molly Baskette

As we move into the heat and joy of summer, you may not be headed to church camp, but here's a little church camp come to you.

Telling the Truth

Talitha Arnold

Quick and easy. That's what the prophet Hananiah promised the Israelites' return from exile would be.

Won't You Be?

Vince Amlin

I have bad luck with neighbors.

Another Kind of Closet

Donna Schaper

In Newport, Rhode Island, the local radio station advertises that anybody can come directly to the fire house for free support if addicted or using drugs.


Quinn G. Caldwell

I sort of fell apart during my first semester of college.

We All Have Our Moments

Kenneth Samuel

I totally understand the push to live in the moment. To totally show up in real time is always needful.