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I Don't Believe in "Fly Over" States

Lillian Daniel

From the gothic stone pulpit of Duke University Chapel, in North Carolina, I introduced myself to the large cathedral-sized congregation: "Greetings from Dubuque, Iowa."

Life and Death

Kenneth L. Samuel

Among the faithful, death has always held a certain fascination and a certain attraction. 

The Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace

John Dorhauer

In a world so prone to disunity, so intent on noticing the differences that appear between one person and another and exploiting that, you see the beauty in every human being.

How to Change Your Mind

Molly Baskette

The foodie author Michael Pollan recently penned a book about a different sort of edible: psychedelic substances.


Marchaé Grair

Forty-five consistently vows to "Make America Great Again."

The First Gender Assignment Surgery

Matthew Laney

The Hebrew word adam (ha'adam) is not a gendered name. Adam means "human" or more precisely, "earthling."

Forgetting Water

Mary Luti

At a recent baptism, somebody forgot the water.


God On Our Side

Tony Robinson

In his anti-war anthem, "With God on Our Side," Bob Dylan hammered home how often God is invoked to sanction the most ungodly of human causes and wars.

Interrupting Power

Rachel G. Hackenberg

During the 180 days of King Ahasuerus' big bash, Queen Vashti was throwing her own party.


Kaji Douša

At the end of one of my favorites of my grandfather's sermons, he shouted:
"Even if you stand alone, stand!"