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Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise

Naps of the Bible

Maren C. Tirabassi

Jacob ran, scared to death of his brother Esau who was … huge.

What We See When We Look

Donna Schaper

There is an annual lighting of the Catskill Mountain Fire Towers, usually early in the fall.

Word and words

Matt Laney

Have you ever noticed that the Bible is called "the Word of God" (capital "W," singular) instead of the words of God (lower case "w", plural)?

Pray-Full Solitude

Valerie Bridgeman

Rage-fatigue and compassion-fatigue plague people committed to justice based in the life, ministry, and calling of Jesus.


Mary Luti

Adults overthink everything.

The Silence of Our Friends

Emily C. Heath

Have you ever had a friend let you down?

I'm More Spiritual than You Are

Tony Robinson

Reading the New Testament letter of 1 Corinthians is a little like reading someone else's mail.

Lonely Hunter

Vince Amlin

Loneliness kills. Literally.

When Touch Is No Blessing

Kaji Douša

But who will get the candles, we finally remembered to ask.